Multigenerational Planning

My passion for multigenerational planning stems from the fact that I am benefitting from it in my own family, in my personal circumstance.

My current clients span across all living generations, from “The Greatest Generation” (1901-1927) to Generation Z (1997-2012).  By working with multiple generations of the same family I am able to function as a conduit between them and ensure seamless transitions through life events.

While there are financial professionals that offer multi-generational planning, they often start too late – which may require some undesirable catching up to do. I believe it starts with your current budget and money management activities across the generations, especially as families are living, helping and functioning together.

There is a lot of uncertainty in life. Even those things that are certain, we don’t know when they will happen or how they may affect our family. Multigenerational planning is about addressing these upfront to ensure a simple and smooth transition of personal finances across the family.

Important Questions For Multigenerational Planning:

  • Do your adult children know your advisors?
  • Do you have the written plans that allow others to take over seamlessly should you become unable?
  • Could you turn over the management of your finances as easily as the keys to your car?