It Starts With Complete Understanding

My Commitment to You

  • I will be upfront, transparent and candid with you
  • Your interest and needs will always come first
  • I will disclose pros/cons, costs and any conflicts of interest 

My Expectations of You

  • You will share with me any concerns or questions you have
  • You will respond to my communication in a timely manner
  • You will heed my advice more than the talking heads on TV

The Four Step GUARDIAN Process

Get to Know

15-minute phone or video call

  • Address Your Questions
  • Learn About Your Investment Perspectives & Experience
  • Review Service Matrix & Costs
  • Schedule Discovery Meeting
  • Provide Income Distribution Worksheet


60-minute phone or video call

  • Review Your Income Distribution in Detail
  • Discuss Your Values, Goals & Constraints
  • Detail Benefits You Will Receive By Moving Forward With a Plan
  • Make Decision Whether to Move Forward - Planning Agreement

Plan Development

2 - 4 week process

  • Gather Information for Plan
  • Access MoneyGuide Pro
  • Identify Your Psychological and Financial Tolerance for Risk
  • Analyze Each Category Based on Your Priorities
    • Income and Debt
    • Retirement & Benefits
    •  Investments
    • Unexpected Occurrences
    • Education & Estate

Plan Delivery

60-minute in person meeting

  • Review Entirety of Plan
  • Prioritize & Highlight Next Steps Based on Your Goals
  • Implement Solutions Yourself or With Your Wealth Guardian